This day I made an important decision when deleting the blog including all posts I have written for 4 years. There ain’t no second needed to hesitate. Chances that you might think I am crazy. Maybe I am not. Sometimes should we do something out of the blue, shouldn’t we?

This the1stofJanuary blog is my brand new home, and you can also see a brand new me here. Unorganized thoughts can create a beautiful mess from time to time. You know, changes are inevitable, so all you are supposed to do is to take these challenges as a crucial part of reaching maturity. The old me is already gone. No more regret left.

My past is like this photo. It’s so beautiful but untouchable and I can do nothing to recall. What is gone is gone, right? We all changed. Our lives changed too.

I am pretty sure that you will find this new me interesting. It is time to turn to the next chapter in my life, are you still here with me? Together we will discover everything. For those who are still wondering why the1stofjanuary, it is my birthday. I was born on the very first day of that year. Not surprisingly, I am a typical Capricorn.

Now,  are you ready? So am I. See you soon with my coming posts.


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